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About Us

Ardalis Services brings you years of experience building quality software solutions and mentoring teams. Our experts know how to effectively build real software that works. We also love to teach others to be the best developers that they can be – no matter what their current level of expertise. Whether you need a little guidance for your existing team or full solution development, Ardalis Services is the trusted partner that will help your project succeed. Contact us today to see how our team can help you.

Steve Smith

Steve SmithThe Ardalis Services team was founded by Steve Smith. Steve has over 20 years of experience building custom software solutions using Microsoft technologies, and speaks internationally to software developers about ASP.NET, domain-driven design, design patterns, SOLID programming principles, and how to improve quality through refactoring.

You can learn more about Steve by reading his blog, following him on twitter, or viewing his courses on Pluralsight.

Dr. Michelle Smith

Dr. Michelle SmithDr. Michelle Smith is the Manager of Operations for the Ardalis Services team.  Michelle has over 15 years of experience in the software industry, and has spoken internationally about team building and entrepreneurship.  In addition to managing developers, Michelle is a veterinarian and has served on the boards of several non-profit organizations.

Scott DePouw

Scott DePouwScott has nearly a decade of professional software development and consulting experience, primarily working with the Microsoft development stack to produce custom web and console applications. He's a strong proponent and practitioner of SOLID programming principles and test-driven development.

You can follow Scott on twitter.